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Kansas City Engagement Photos at the Kauffman, Downtown KC, and Loose Park

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Kauffman Center Engagement Photo

Karyla and D'Anthony may be living in new places now, but they both wanted to come back to KC to showcase their love for each other in the city they love with an engagement session highlighting the iconic Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Downtown Kansas City skyline, and Loose Park. As college athletes and coaches, their playfully competitive spirits and joy for life paired well with an upscaled wardrobe and iconic architecture.

This was also a very unique session, because with them living in different states and only having a small window to schedule the engagement session, I happened to be only two weeks postpartum! In true Trey and Paige fashion, we tag-teamed the session as Trey (the genius behind our video creation) captured the moments and I (sleepy new mother with a two week old in my arms) provided the direction and coaching. We all ended up having a great time produced some stunning images- the first of many for our tiny new assistant.

Yes, there's a wee little babe wrapped in a carrier under that blanket!

As a Kansas City engagement photographer, it is my privilege to take a couple's vision for their photos and co-create a memorable day (regardless of the circumstances! ha).

I can't wait to have the honor of capturing their intimate wedding later this year.

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